Tue, January 30, 2018 - 9:00 - 10:20

This session will discuss what the ingredients to make post-subsidy development work are. The countries we will focus on are Italy, UK, Spain and Portugal.


  • What is the sweet spot for the post-subsidy site: cheap land, trouble free connection and irradiance?
  • What should you prioritise?
  • What are Lead Gen strategies to find these sites?
  • How does that change across different countries?


  • What is the cost of capital that you can access?
  • What is HNWI approach to this space?
  • Debt: can anyone raise debt against these projects? Is it construction finance?


  • Barrier to entry: How many companies can actually make this work?
  • Per country what are the deployment projection up to 2020?
  • What is the best country to chase this? Italy, Spain, Portugal or UK?


  • Project size: what are the minimum ticket sizes by country to reach efficiencies to lower cost?
  • Component prices: are manufacturers entering in long term partnership with developers to stimulate this market?
  • Timelines for development, construction: How many spreadsheets have turned green already?   Built times: what is the rush? How do built times will change now that there aren’t any deadlines?
  • Fixed costs: What are development costs and how much resource should you allocate to these projects?


  • How does storage can help the business case and change the economics? How does it change the risk profile?
  • What are the revenue stack that you can access in a post-subsidy sites
  • How does the financing behind a project change if storage is included?


  • What are the lengths of PPAs available in different countries?
  • Why are utilities against longer PPAs?
  • What are the rates and the structures? Fixed or Floating?
  • How does your view on power prices affect the type of PPA you should go for?