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Clean Energy is one of the largest solar energy producers in Ukraine. The company took the full use of lucrative investment environment in Ukraine’s solar sector, which enjoys one of the highest PV tariff globally. After having commissioned its first PVP plant in January 2013, Clean Energy has intensively increased its portfolio to 22 plants with total capacity of 175 MW.

Clean Energy has solid pipeline for further expansion: 4 PV power plants (totaling 68.5 MW) will be launched in 2Q18, and another 100 MW+ of new capacities are at the  development stage.

The group of companies has a successful track record of cooperation with European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in funding its projects, as well as with other banking lenders.

Clean Energy has developed strong internal expertise in construction of PVP plants – it takes 6 months on average to develop a new one. The most modern equipment and solutions are being installed at the company’s solar parks.

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