Scott Burrows


Renewables entrepreneur and industry stalwart since 2001. Committed to driving the industry forward into the post subsidy era. Responsible for the deployment of renewable energy across multiple technologies and scales. 
Having ran one of the first public renewables advisories 17 years ago, Scott has since set up, and sat on the board of a number of businesses designed to capitalise on the changing face of market incentives and increase the uptake of renewables. Alongside philanthropist and entrepreneur Stephen Baker, Scott founded the Eden Sustainable group, which is dedicated to sustainable and profitable growth via innovative approaches to renewable energy, both distributed generation and utility scale. Currently, Eden are playing a significant role in the funding and aggregation of UK Commercial and Industrial Rooftop. Over the years, Eden have been shortlisted for various industry awards and continue to speak at industry conferences. 
Outside work, Scott is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and his my main passions are his family and sport: coaching kids rugby, tennis, skiing, snowboarding, surfing. Scott supports a wide range of charities. BSc Geography, University College London, Bedales School.  British/Australian.