Refinancing: freeing up capital to grow your business

Auditorium at Grange city hotel February 1, 2017 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
David Kemp
Alejandro Cireulos
Laurence Monnier
Eilidh Mctaggart

It’s a great time to refinance your portfolio, given the pricing of debt. There are different sources of refinancing in the market: banks, infrastructure debt funds and institutional investors, all offering a plethora of products. Find out about the implications for your portfolio and how to best secure the right deal by understanding the debt providers’ requirements and their offerings.

  • How to deal with uncertainty in the cash flow
  • How to account for flexibility in PPA pricing
  • Refinancing mixed portfolio (country and technology)
  • Refinancing a rooftop portfolio
  • What are the requirements of different types of providers?
  • How refinancing changes the attractiveness of your portfolio 
  • Refinancing through bonds
  • Co-refinancing: what could a partnership between investors look like