Testimonials from 2018

"As an investor in projects across Europe Solar Media the event is very useful both for developments in the industry and encounters with prospective investment opportunities." Vincent van Haarlem, Triodos Renewables Europe Fund

"The #1 European event in solar for both relevant topics and networking opportunities." Alberto Paturzo, Bluefield

"Excellent conference to stay up to date with financing the solar power industry." Edward Wilson, ADA Oikos property Fund Ltd

"Perfect opportunities to network, made all the desired contacts." Nicolas Vierge, Dong Energy

"Good networking opportunity." Mark Weller, Eneco UK Ltd

"Yet again a great event getting together all the major players in the industry and proper honest discussion as to how solar can survive and adapt in the ever changing environment and also giving a high level overview of overseas markets and the advent of storage." Stuart Cleak, Foot Anstey

"A great meeting place to understand what is going on in the solar space in Europe for asset owners, investors, financiers and service providers." Pablo Valencia, Vela Energy

"A very well-attended event. It is the first time I have seen the interaction work so well between the panels and the audience, through real-time voting and posting questions. It helped create a real dialogue and debate on the topics." Mark Henderson, Temporis Capital

"I met investors that might have an interest in looking into the Portuguese market." Bernardo Matos, Grow

"This conference always draws a crowd and has become a must for my calendar to catch up with key people and trends for the year ahead." Louise Wilson, Abundance Investment